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10/10/2018 The Alliance headed to Portland Oregon for a conference, summarized in the post is the big takeaways I received. This is the first attempt at sharing notes this way, bare with me as this process improves.
Content is comprised of many quotes and big takeaways from each speaker, this article is intended to be added to and improved upon as it gets reviewed.

Paul Roberts– The money is going to happen as long as you keep speaking it.
Speak the life you want into existence. “One day I’m going to make an impact in this organization and Andy Albright is going to remember my name.”

Don’t get lazy with words; tongues start and end wars. Use your words to build people up, never to break them down.

Speak love- Point out whats great about people, quit trying to find things wrong with them.

You will hit all of your goals if you speak it into assistance.
Think about all the things you have, not the things you don’t have.

Diane Lampe
Don’t live for the weekends, live for each and every day.

Greatness starts with Edification; it is the secret to EVERYTHING. What’s the key to Relationships? Edif-motha-cluckin-cation.
Large organizations are not built by the best talkers, it’s the best promoters that will win.
Move it from your head to your heart Edification and Encouragement.
Don’t promote a hotspot; promote the speaker.

Andy Albright- “See something you ain’t seen before throw your at it.”

“some people call it cold hard cash, I call it warm soft and fuzzy.”

“Messed up like a termite in a yo-yo.”

Reach out when you go though the pain, the hurt and the suck. Accept some outside perspective; Don’t try to be ‘fine’

You have a start date and and end date; people celebrate these. Remember to celebrate the in between time. Don’t just be fine, be awesome!

Adam Katz
Friends will build you up or break you down, the world is full of lifters and leaners.

Faithful- 99% commitment is 100% unfaithful.
Real- if it’s from the heart you can say anything.
Interdependent- Nothing good happens in isolation; remember it is necessary to both give and take in all relationships.
Empathetic- see things from other’s perspective.
Near- accessible and available whenever it is Necessary.
Dependable- Be consistent and reliable in relationships, substance of the heart is substance of actions.

Three questions soldiers ask themselves in a war zone: Where am I, Where’s the enemy, Where’s my buddy?

Chris Norriss- “I want to help you write an annuity.”

Don’t sell anything–sell the appointment

Average Joes- Joe Dukes & Joe Walker

People lie to themselves and say things like, “people either like me or hate me.” this is BS.
take control over likability.
-Self absorbed?
Ask questions.
Make more connections, find common ground.

Quickly Believable, like Andy Albright.

Ask yourself, What can I do to find common ground and decide on something I like about another Human?

Tim Goad– If you got a dream the facts don’t count.

What you do is build other people.
Believe in other people.
–Learn to talk to yourself.

We all want to be successful, how badly do you want it?

Don’t ever complain about what you tolerate.
Do Not tolerate living small.

There are two things the world hates:

The world doesn’t mind you living, they just don’t want you to win too much.

This is what I’m responsible for: Helping people around me win.
Success begins with successful thoughts. Winning People don’t complain.

Have you ever gotten a case of the Shoulda’s?

What I know is keeping me from what I need to know.

If you want to get a high performer you need to find the voice they listen to the most.

“I would be more successful but ________” Kill that lie right now.

Most people in life want to get bigger. Before you do you need to get Better.

What separates you from other is your picture of tomorrow

Things to work on:

  • Relationship skills
    • Leaving your presence people should feel better about themselves.
  • Attitude skills
    • you will never hit your peak without them.
  • Leadership skills
    • Great words without an example mean nothing.
  • Equipment skills
    • Successful thoughts need successful belief.

Don’t let mistakes and failures stop you from succeeding– learn from them.

Successful people complete others and compete with themselves.
Miserable people constantly try to to keep up with others instead of trying to competing with themselves. Your success should not depend on another’s failure.

“What was the dominant thought in the back of your mind? What were you thinking?”

Jason & Tawney Carey

Adapt and overcome. Don’t be overly creative.

Be Careful who you listen to, not all ideas are good ideas.

Be Humble; it’s not always about you.
–Listen to a mentor

Don’t take time off too soon. Need to put pedal to the metal! when in time of favor get after it.

Stop making lazy assumptions- take time to do the work; if you’re unsure check something or call someone.

What if your biggest fear came true?
Know that whatever happens, you can handle it.

Your past doesn’t define your future.

Katrina Gustin- Follow your schedule!

“I’ve started a lot of diets, lesson I’ve had to learn: You can’t have a cheat day in the first week.”

How your thinking today dictates where you’ll be tomorrow.

Andy Albright

Are ya getting better or bitter?
“Everything I’m doing you can do too.”

You gotta remember to tell the stories so people don’t forget; if you don’t, if you just generalize, people will forget the feeling.

You gotta be a risk taker.

If you know how to talk to people then you need to do that a lot. Lead people down the road of no excuses.

“it’s like trying to teach a pig to sing; they’re going to get annoyed and you’re going to get muddy. Nothing else changes.”

People love people who love people

Paul Roberts

“that was bold, but he was scared at the same time.”

“When I got invited to dinner with Andy I shut up and listen; I know he knows more than me. Shut up and listen. I know you like to talk. Be grateful, listen, you have that oppportunity. Take advatage of the chance to learn.”

Listen, Study, Learn.

It’s working, I wanted to know him. I knew it would work and it’s working

Jason Carey

Everyday i define them and write them out as if they’ve already happened.

NEW GOAL: Ive been disiplined and consistent even when i didn’t feel like it.

I am disciplined and i am consistent, even if I don’t feel like it.

Feel discouraged? call and encourage someone.

Feel ungrateful? call someone and thank them.

Tawney Carey

I don’t care how many times you change your mind. You will never be indecisive. You will always have the picture of where your headed because if aren’t headed anywhere you’ll go nowhere. If you keep moving you will eventually get somewhere that you need to be.”

“Take the leaders why, chase after it and you will eventually define your own purpose.

Along that journey you will find everything your looking for and more.

Noelle Levintovich

Meh… nothing i can do right now… Best get back to what I can do

Meh… Walk away.. I don’t need to be right right now. This doesnt need to be addressed right now..

How do you give back? You gotta go. You gotta go right now!

Paul Roberts

How to get good people vs getting someone to sell life insurance.
–Get yo mind right! What do you think about?

Diane Lampe
“Wherever you are, be there.” Everyone’s got stuff. Are you someone that you would follow?

Community Compassion Gratitude

Anytime that I can be around Andy or learn from him I embrace it to help my business grow.

Prosperity Inspiration Eternity

List out the characteristics of Andy Albright; What is on this list that you can’t do?

How do people feel after leaving Andy’s presence? How about after leaving yours?

“I can feel peoples love for Andy Albright and their commitment to his mission. Get on board.

Paul Ebstein

Annuities.. all I know about them is they’re spelt with two N’s

Stories sell because they engage people

“There’s financial carnage everywhere; don’t let it happen to people that your responsible for.”

Tim Goad

Dream bigger than your accomplishments. If you want to lead the first person you need to lead is yourself. it’s one thing to dream alone, it’s another to share the vision.

We’re either going to make excuses or were going to make a difference. No one is living or performing at their max potential.

Your greatest days are ahead of you. there is a need for HOPE.

IQ is not as important as ATTITUDE.
Attitude and values drive you when intelligence says to stop

Leadership is visual. Stop looking for the magic and be it!

Number 1 thing people want from their leader is Passion.

Be the person with the passion. Do these things even when you don’t feel like it:

  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Teachability

Andy Albright

“They’re trying to make chicken salad with chicken poop and keep wondering why people keep using so much mayonnaise.”

Busy People are Business people- they get it.

Kelly Hanny- The bubble girl

My emotional journey ends in a victory.

Stay Classy and Sassy

Are you the girl in the bubble still or are you still adding to that story?

Jeff Bright

Perspective_Emotional Maturity_Confidence
Distraction_ Dysfunction_Doubt

Fear guards procrastination.
Perspective and excuses lead to blame.
Fear is a virtue.
Fear and Urgency create drive.

Perspective is tied to emotional maturity, connected via discipline.

Conformity produces Emotional Maturity.
Dysfunction. Defiance and disorder lead to vindication.

Guilt Protects Confidence.
Guilt leads to conviction which leads to commitments.

If Doubt takes over shame takes place which leads to isolation.

It’s not always about choice.
you need to learn conformity before you can expect edification.

Sujective vs objective– the way you talk about people is important. Do you view them as subjects or objects? No one likes be objectified.

Andy Albright

“I have high standards for people so I don’t react surprised when they do the things that the need to do.”

Sympathy vs Empathy
Sympathy doesn’t help people move; having the standard expectations high people don’t get a surprised response for going through hardships. This is life; those things happen. Were going to handle it like these things are handled (just like a doctor assessing a patient- No judgement).

When your recruiting your looking for the good stuff for elaboration; often times they’re the things left unsaid.

Because you’ve done something some ones done doesn’t mean your relatable.
–One upsmanship shuts people down quickly

Openness create fans.
–Inquirring minds want to know

What are you trying to accomplish with the questions you’re asking?

Be happy where ever your at, once you get money it can’t help change that.

If you had a million dollars what would do differently?
Why can’t you do that now?
Jot down a list of all the things you want and write 1 year 3 years 5 years etc next to each; when will you get them.
What are the top 3 things?

Jason & Tawney Carey

What you need to do:

  • copy
    • when you around people enough you start to become more like them.
  • be an apprentice not a Student
    • Do–Don’t just absorb information, apply it right away.
    • Episode 11 alliance media app How to win friends and ifluence people
  • Start a journal
  • Referals
  • Green Sheets
    • The average annuity pays $15,000

Paul Roberts

Do the small things because you never know what could lead to what.
“I expect them to win, I expect them to kill it. I stay calm and Stoic. If Andy Albright doesn’t laugh I don’t laugh. I take my queus from him.

Dont give the answer the rest of the world gives; we’re trying to be better than the rest of the world.

“I put the pressure on myself. I don’t put the pressure on others.

If you have no list of names; create urgency saying you need to hurry up and get in line.

“Let me tell you what I’m looking for _____ ______ ______.”
flip the script, don’t sell the company make the prospect sell themselves
It takes 43 seconds to tell everything about the company.

Get someone to sell themselves or you will close less deals.

“Pay close attention to all the little things that Andy does.”

People always try to warm each other up with crap. “Delta is the worst…no no no southwest is the worst.”

You’re the CEO of your company
If someone doesn’t show up that’s your fault. If you don’t show up, that’s also your fault.

Stay patient but work your butt off.

Tim Goad

If you will work on your character God will take care of your reputation.

“A pig and a chicken were walking down the road and saw a bill board advertising Bacon and Eggs. The chicken looked at the pig an said, “look at that, we’re famous!” and the Pig said, “for you that’s an hour commitment, I’ve got a lot more meat in the game.”

Familiarity without gratitude leads to low performance

Jason & Tawney Carey

“We’re entering the fourth quarter of the year. Get them 4s up just like you did for football games. Its time to go, right now. Do or die time.”

4/20/18 activity call, pushing through fear.

Number 1 way to get through fear.
Do it anyway- Stress inoculation.

It’s not just that I’m missing my goals but I’m missing my dreams

Jeff Bright and Andy Albright

Know what the problem with this world is? Everyone wants some magical solution to their problems but they don’t believe in magic.

“I’m a river baby, I aint no pond.”
Flowing– the best sales people are also the easiest to sell on something.

Paul Roberts
we do what loser won’t do, I am going to say WE because I’m successful, but we do what losers won’t; It’s still mundain but we figureed t out because we knew what we wanted.

Short memory. Relationships are maintained by moving on and forgetting hardships.
If I hadn’t I would have lived with that God awful feeling.. Regret… no one should live with that.

Jeff Bright

Interviewing Marilyn Manson I was excited to be standing in the presence of peer evil… I told him, “I got no respect for you because your faking like you’re a devil worshiper, I’d have a lot more respect for you if you were one.

If you want to live your life on emotional highs you need to make more emotional decisions.

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