National Convention Take Away’s

A lot news came ringing in the new Decade: Brandon Bules was promoted to Agency Manager with National Agents Alliance and several new opportunities come with that to our agency.

New Opportunities include Health Matching Accounts, Debt assistance, Business Consultants (Purple Monkey Garage), Med sup and Advantage products and a new product specialist to assist us in using them Ivy Wilson, and BACM doubled with the addition of Van Grey.

Big take away’s for me came from Brant Swindle and Mark Hutchinson:
Encourage children’s involvement; you will expand business and keep business on the books. Ask on the front end: “Do you have any grown kids who might want to be involved in this? Last thing I want is for them to think you’ve been bamboozled.

Getting annuity clients we need to edify what they are currently doing: if they have a broker say something along the lines of “they’ve probably been killing it the past 10 years” ask more questions from there.
Show a stock market application: Statistically a correction happens every 7 years in the market. We’ve been in a bull rush market for the past 12 years; people have gotten comfortable with their money in the market. It’s like we’re at the casino and way up; we need to start thinking about cashing out and locking our winnings in.
A market correction may not hurt too bad when we’re young but sitting with clients who are over 60 years old, they likely don’t have 10 years to recoup loses.

Remember the rule of 100; take 100 subtract a clients age and that gives you the percentage of their assets they can afford to have in risky positions. We’re working with experts who have over 50 years of combined experience. They help our clients get into safe money places that follow Warren Buffets Rules of saving money:

Warren Buffet’s Rules of Saving Money:
1) Don’t ever lose money.
2) Don’t forget Rule #1.

Not everyone will give us a statement but the people who do– that is where the money is at. We need to be bold enough to ask.

Consistency isn’t perfection, it’s constant correction.

Pitty Parties Prolong Poverty:
What if you had to start tomorrow with only the things you were thankful for today.

Success in this business is all mental: stop negotiating the price you are willing to pay.

You can focus on what do I want/ How do I get it.
What’s wrong/ Who do I blame.

The choice is yours.

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