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Many Americans depend on Social Security Benefits to fund Retirement and handle final expenses. However these benefits may not pay out how one thinks.
It is a difficult conversation to have. What happens after the passing of a spouse?
Left unspoken a staggering 75 percent of people leave their families exposed to the risk of financial devastation.

Click Here to Calculate y (3)Our team at Family Group USA developed this Range of Need Calculator to help families minimize their exposure to Financial Risk.

Social security offers Financial Benefits to spouses following a death. 

The Survivor Benefit assists couples who have been married for over ten years, this benefit continues the higher of the Social Security Incomes and ends the lesser income.
The loss of income makes affording monthly expenses difficult for many families.Untitled design (1)

Social Security will pay $250 for burial expenses if one gets approved.
the  average funeral costs between $7,000 and $10,000. Without depleting Retirement savings  many families do not have this money at hand.

Amid the craziness of the COVID-19 our team put this Life Insurance Range of Need Calculator together to help families minimize exposure to Financial Risk.
Our experienced licensed professionals will help your family protect yourselves during these uncertain times.

What is your relationship status?
What is your Approximate Households Income Ratio?
Do you have children?
How many Children do you have?
Are any of your children under 25?
Do you have a mortgage?
Approximately how large is your Mortgage?
Following your death does someone plan to stay in the home?
What is your employment status?
What is your Approximate Income?

Do you have anything set up for your Final Arrangements?
(Regardless if you plan to be buried or cremated).

Do you have any Life Insurance in force?
What type of coverage do you have in force? (Check all that apply).
What are the goals for this protection?

Retirement Accounts can often be used to offset the need for Life Insurance;
Do you have anything set up for retirement?

Are your Retirement Savings exposed to Market Risk?